Na Turoldu Cave

A seven-storey cave with an emerald lake where you will feel like you are at the bottom of a coral reef.

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Mikvah - Jewish Ritual Bath, Mikulov

A place of purification and deep Jewish tradition. Mikvah. The Mikulov one was discovered by archaeologists buried in a cellar.


The Town of Mikulov

A picturesque town among vineyards, full of sights and places where you can enjoy good eating. And what amazing surroundings!


Upper Synagogue in Mikulov

Since the mid-16th century, the synagogue provided material and spiritual support to Moravian Jews. Even today, the place exudes a profound nobility.


Mikulov Chateau

Even from a great distance this majestic castle will tempt all to come and visit it. No wonder Napoleon himself spent the night here.


Holy Hill near Mikulov

Up to the top past the Stations of the Cross, then Mikulov in the palm of your hand. After that back down to treat yourself to something good to eat.


Ruins of the Sirotčí Hrádek (Orphan Castle) in Klentnice

These romantic castle ruins and their unmistakable silhouette are a dominant feature of Pálava, no matter in which direction you are travelling. Do you know that the ruins are haunted by an orphan called Orphanus?


The Pálava Protected Landscape Area

Pálava, a protected landscape area where beautiful nature and top-quality Moravian wine will refresh you.


Ruins of Dívčí Hrady (Děvičky) Castle in Pavlov

Medieval ruins in all respects. Some more demanding physical activity is required before a strategic view in all directions rewards you. But it is definitely worth taking the effort!


Archeopark Pavlov

Do you find events of long ago boring? A visit to Pavlov will turn you into a real fan of prehistory! Your kids will remember this spectacular exhibition for a long time to come.


The Venus of Dolní Věstonice

This voluptuous beauty made of burnt clay brought world-class commotion to a small South Moravian village. What is it that makes her so fascinating?


Nové Mlýny Reservoirs

A trio of water reservoirs at the foot of Pálava, from where the ruins of Děvičky look down on an abandoned church on an island in the middle of the waters. Romance non plus ultra.


Aqualand Moravia

The largest swimming pool complex far and wide, water from a thermal source full of beneficial minerals, and the panorama of Pálava on top of that.