Accommodation in South Moravia

You can't plan moments of happiness, but you can plan accommodations.


Are you an adventurer for whom a sleeping bag is enough? Or do you need somewhere your children can run wild? South Moravia offers many camping sites. They have actually been popping up around rivers, lakes and water reservoirs like mushrooms. They are usually open during the summer season. You can check them out at

Are you looking for a place to spend time with your friends? Then check the region’s selection of cottages and cabins. With a pool or without, with a wine cellar for wine tasting, in the middle of the forest in a picturesque cottage ... If you want a little bit of everything, then this is the right place! Or take a look at Regiontourist's top accommodation tips.

Why not just relax and do nothing? Apartments and small hotels can offer this. All star categories are represented. You can choose from wellness hotels with full service. Enjoy some bubbles in both your whirlpool and your wine glass ... visitors will lack for nothing.

Or do you want something completely different? We still have one joker up our sleeves. Dozens of unique places such as romantic cottages, cozy log houses, mill houses and farms as well as exceptional apartments and hotels ... this is our Amazing Places category! Congratulations, you’ll wish that your holiday never ends.