The green regionZnojmo Region and Podyjí Region

Places dedicated to wine and nature. And the only Moravian national park.

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Znojmo Underground

Children as well as adults are thrilled when they come out of one of the most extensive underground labyrinths in Central Europe.


The Town of Znojmo

You can find everything in this royal town – from an underground labyrinth and a national park to wine as delicious as heavenly nectar.


Following in Mucha’s Footsteps by Bike

Discover elegant chateaux and an undisturbed, almost forgotten corner of pure nature near Znjomo. This trip will be a balm for your soul.


With a Kickbike to Znojmo

The picturesque surroundings of the Dyje River and Louka Monastery, smooth terrain, fun for both children and adults. Enjoy a laid-back afternoon in Znojmo!


The Ancient Bítov Region with a Taste of Beer and Medieval Excitement

The entertaining atmosphere on the sandy beaches of the Vranov Reservoir is renewed every summer by swordsmen, jugglers and theatre folk. Take a swimsuit with you, you don’t need anything else!


An Excursion Ring Around Bítov

Every degree is one kilometre. The surroundings of Bítov are fresh and brilliant, as if good beer sparkles on your tongue. It is up to you whether you will come on foot or by bike and get the cold beer as a reward.