Znojmo Underground

Children as well as adults are thrilled when they come out of one of the most extensive underground labyrinths in Central Europe.

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Znojmo Beer Spa

You’re lying in a fragrant bath and beer is flowing right next to you... Is this a dream? Not at all!


Lavender Spa Znojmo

Do you have a head full of experiences and need somewhere to absorb them all in peace? Then we have the perfect place for you!


The Town of Znojmo

You can find everything in this royal town – from an underground labyrinth and a national park to wine as delicious as heavenly nectar.


Rotunda of St. Catherine in Znojmo

A captivating masterpiece of Romanesque architecture adorned with intricate depictions of Premyslid and biblical scenes. This architectural gem has withstood the trials of history, enduring barbaric episodes, yet today, it is cherished and meticulously guarded with utmost care.


Znojmo Motor Museum

Descend to the serene Dyje River. In a former waterworks, discover a complex that showcases motor vehicles from all angles up to 1950.


The Znojmo Castle

Majestically perched within the city, the castle offers an awe-inspiring vista over the picturesque Thaya River valley that will leave you breathless. Only a stone's throw away lies the enchanting Rotunda, a treasure of historical and artistic wonders, awaiting your exploration.


Painted Cellar in Šatov

Visiting a wine cellar is always a pleasant experience. And when the cellar looks like a painting… actually not looking like one, it is really painted!


The Šobes Vineyard

One of the best and oldest European vineyards is situated in the heart of the Podyjí National Park, along the bends of the Dyje River.


Podyjí National Park

By bicycle, on foot, by car, on horseback... Podyjí National Park offers an endless array of excursion opportunities. Take a trip, for example, to Sealsfield Stone.


Water Mill in Slup

Even a technical building can be beautiful and fascinating. Visit a large snow-white mill which will show you milling from prehistory to the present day.


State Chateau Vranov nad Dyjí

Vranov Chateau is an exemplary secular Baroque site. That is why it is has served as a backdrop for many films and fairy-tales.


Miroslav Chateau

Legend has it that around the year 912 a water fortress grew on a small rock in the middle of the marshes under the supervision of Princess Miroslava. Today it has the form of a castle and the name Miroslav.