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2. 12. 2023


Be part of the 218th anniversary of the Battle of the Three Emperors - Austerlitz 2023. Hundreds of soldiers from 15 countries will clash on the battlefield of Tvarozna. Experience history for yourself with the whole family.

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1.-2. 12. 2023

Once upon a time in Austerlitz

The town of Slavkov u Brna, the castle courtyard and the castle park will once again return to the atmosphere of 1805. Be there too and experience the history written by Napoleon.

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25. 11. 2023

Napoleon in Brno

We will commemorate the day when the Emperor arrived in the city with his soldiers. You can look forward to a historical parade through the city center, selected period delicacies, and an interesting spectacle!

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The Cairn of Peace Memorial

Slavkov Castle – Austerlitz


Napoleonic Wars Before the Events in South Moravia

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The Fateful Year of 1805

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Napoleon Bonaparte

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Bike Trip Around the Austerlitz Battlefield - Circuit from Křenovice

Get ready for a not so difficult bike trip filled with history! Even less experienced cyclists will manage this circuit. You'll cover a distance of 20 km with a total ascent of 257 meters.


Bike Trip Around the Austerlitz Battlefield - Circuit from Slavkov

This circular bike trip starts in the center of Slavkov, synonymous with the famous Battle of the Three Emperors in 1805. You'll cover a total of 31 kilometers and ascent 376 meters. Get ready to pedal!


Following in the Footsteps of Napoleon: Šlapanice

In the early 19th century, Šlapanice was primarily an agricultural center that supplied Brno with bread and milk. At that time, there were about eight times fewer inhabitants here than today. Although the actual village was not directly affected by the battle's turmoil, its residents experienced more than enough difficulties during those times. This was also contributed to by the fact that all three armies gradually passed through the town. Let's take a walk in their footsteps.


Tourist areas of South Moravia

You could fit South Moravia into Germany fifty times. Still, the region is so diverse that you will encounter different scenery and different experiences at each kilometre of it. Come for a weekend trip. Or for a whole holiday!

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