Traditions and folklore are alivein South Moravia

Because local people cherish the traditions of their ancestors, develop them further and introduce them to their kids. Who says that modern times are at odds with the wisdom and taste of our grandparents!

to the traditions

Embroidered traditional dresses, painted ceramics, songs and dance, original dwellings with their interiors and other treasures – these are regional tradition and folklore, something that is still alive in South Moravia. Traditions are shared, developed and passed on to the next generations. So, where can you see them in their entirety?

For example in the Strážnice Skanzen. Here, visitors will fall in love with folklore, so much that they might feel like taking a bit of it with them – at least a painted mug. Or just a few steps from this outdoor museum there are wine cellars called Plže – the beauty of these blue cellars invites visitors for wine tasting and photo shooting. And the local people’s love for the mysterious "oskeruše" (Sorbus Domestica) tree is definitely part of this place’s allure. Hike through Bilé Karpaty on an oskeruše trail and taste oskeruše in the liquid form at your destination. You will start loving it as well.

Or perhaps you will enjoy South Moravian folklore and traditions with all your senses in the Blatnice wine village under St. Antonius, with Bílé Karpaty behind your back. On top of festivals with traditional dresses like something out of a fairy tale, excellent wines and songs, this place is also well known for its painted Easter eggs. Breathtaking colorful ornaments on a red background are the right folklore!

Still living traditions

But these are just words. Choose from our tips and experience South Moravian folklore yourself.

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Plže Wine Cellars

Probably only houses on the Greek island of Santorini are as lovely and white and blue as the Plže wine cellars.


Kraví Hora near Bořetice

Did you know that there is a free wine republic in South Moravia? Visit the Free Federal Republic of Kraví Hora near Bořetice and the Kraví Hora (Cow Hill) lookout tower.


The Museum of the Village in South-East Moravia

Divided into areas representing the regions of Moravian Slovakia (known as Slovácko in Czech), the Strážnice Open-Air Museum will pleasantly take you through history, entertain children, and show you live folklore.


Blueprint Manufacturing – Workshop and Museum in Olešnice

You can find blueprint (a historical resist-dyeing method for textiles) among the treasures of the UNESCO intangible heritage list since 2018. The blueprint in Olešnice has been maintained by the Danzinger family for over two centuries.