Sport and restin South Moravia

A great program for a Sunday or for holidays with kids? Sure, we’ve got it! For example, relaxing cycling routes leading through beautiful landscapes, without tiring climbing. Do you love wild trails? Are you looking for a golf resort to improve your handicap? South Moravia won't let you sit idly.

to active fun

Trips filled with adrenaline, and not only

Time to clear your head and stretch your slumbering muscles! Treat yourself to some reinvigorating adrenaline while rock climbing, kitesurfing or in the underground on a speleo expedition. Or switch to “enjoy” mode and explore the cellar alleys from a bike saddle.

it's up to you

Miles away from worries

It’s time switch to a relaxed “slow mode”. This is very easy to do in South Moravia. Stroll barefoot or sit up to your neck in warm thermal waters. No back pain, no pending e-mails, just well-being for body and soul.

way to relax