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A modern region, where old traditions are still alive. Dances, songs and feasts will make you rejoice here!

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A Bike Trip for More than Just a Glass of Wine

The tranquillity and the beautiful nature of the Ždánický Les (Ždánice Forest), the Renaissance chateau in Bučovice, a wonderful view of the Slovácko region and regional delicacies. These are some of the attractions of our bike trip, where you will definitely meet no crowds!


To the Magic Landscape of Moravian Tuscany

A walking trip to the incredible views of the “Moravian Tuscany”, impressive folk costumes, and on top of that, wine like honey. Are you still unsure about whether to go?


With the Magic Appleberry to the White Carpathians

This healing kind of rowan tree cannot be found anywhere else in the Czech Republic. Head for the Slovácko region where the precious appleberry is intertwined with the traditions and celebrations of the area.


A Relaxing Weekend in the Hodonín Region

Coming here just for an afternoon outing would be like trying to travel North America in a week. The Hodonín region is a perfect destination for a whole weekend, whether you are a couple in love or a large family.


See Buildings Made of Stone in the Horňácko Region

Visit the easternmost part of South Moravia, the region where traditions are still alive. The folk heritage is cherished here and its beauty is passed on to children so that it does not cease to exist and so that you, too, could be enchanted by it.


To the Town of Rastic, and not Just to Meet the Slavs

A longer route? Yes, but the flat terrain can be easily managed even by kids. Head up into the heart of the Great Moravian Empire to meet the Slavs! And also to experience the colourful folklore of the Podluží area.