To the Pearl of the Baroque Style in South Moravia

A miraculous statuette of the Madonna, an admirable work of J. B. Santini and an anti-nuclear bunker – head for Křtiny for many different experiences!

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route length

9.7 km

time needed

3:00 hours


190 m

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Head up to the Views Above the Deep Forests of Adamov

This region is full of legends and deep forests. This is where the famous Czech poet Karel Hynek Mácha drew inspiration for his verse! Follow in his footsteps, be inspired and take in a deep breath of good, fresh air. Magical forest paths already await you.


Bunches of Snowflakes in the Rakovecké Valley and More

Set out to see carpets which you must not walk on, and a mill which longs to be inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The hillsides in Rakovec will captivate you with an abundance of white snowflake blooms in spring, with decorative rock gardens on conglomerate rocks in summer, and with a colourful play of leaves in autumn. You will find this a thrilling journey!


To the Boskovice Trails by Bike

Do you like riding a bike through the forest? The soft track rolls by under your tyres and you can only hear your own breathing in the green silence. The single trails in the Doubrava (Oakwood) forest are already waiting for you.


Swing a Lasso and Catch a Flower!

Looking for an escape from the grey and boring city? Experience an adventure with cowboys! Head up to the Wild West Park in Boskovice and then to Šmelcovna, where more than one yellow rose of Texas grow.


To the Most Beautiful Cave in the Moravian Karst

Planning a trip to Macocha? Well, sure, it is the most famous Czech cave, but you should know that the Balcarka Cave in Ostrov u Macochy is the most beautiful cave in the whole Moravian Karst. The maze under the Balcar Rock stands out for its extremely rich and colourful dripstone decoration.


Itinerary 2: Discovering Landmarks, Nature, and Wine

From scenic boat trips to cultural tours, this itinerary offers a perfect blend of history, gastronomy, and natural wonders.


Jewish and Empire Boskovice

What did Jewish quarters look like in Czech towns? Where is the beautiful Empire chateau situated? Welcome to Boskovice. Köhn, keep going, you will not be bored here!


A Refreshing Trip to the Křetín Reservoir

Are you looking forward to summer? To start pedalling and whizz through the landscape, swim in clean water and walk along a chateau promenade? Such a varied range of options is available at the Křetínka Reservoir.