In the footsteps of Alfons Mucha in South Moravia

The Moravian native lived in the Balkans, Munich, Vienna, Paris and far away in America. Follow his footsteps through South Moravia. The famous Art Nouveau world painter loved it here so much!

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A phenomenal symbolist, icon of the Art Nouveau movement, master of light and shadow work. A man responsible for the fame of Art Nouveau in the world and for the beautiful Czechoslovak banknotes and stamps. He painted walls of castles, photographed nudes, designed theatre scenes and jewellery, wallpaper patterns and chocolate wrappers. If ever the muses kissed an artist on both cheeks, it was Alfons Mucha.

A patriot who designed the national emblem for the newly established free Czechoslovak Republic in 1918 without free of charge. But most importantly, he gave the Czech nation the famous Slav Epic. He was working on it for 18 years! And now, after a decade, you can see it again with your own eyes in his beloved Moravia. The Slav Epic is back in the Moravský Krumlov chateau.

Even though Mucha was a great Czech and is buried in the Prague Slavín, take a tour of South Moravia to "his" places. We have some tips for you for entertaining trips with a Mucha theme. We will advise you where to buy tickets for the Slav Epic. And we'll tell you interesting facts about his life – even the lesser-known (even slightly spicy) ones. Because Alfons Mucha was anything but a boring guy. He was a fascinating Moravian! Come and meet the MASTER.

Slav Epic with your own eyes

Take a trip to Moravský Krumlov. You will see that the chateau has prepared the perfect exhibition. Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 9:00 to 16:00. Last entry at 3 PM.

Information and tickets

Where to go next for Mucha?

We also have other places and tours associated with this Art Nouveau giant. After visiting the epic, head from Moravský Krumlov to his hometown Ivančice where you can get to know, using an app, the two loves of his life. Prefer a bike tour? Then take a tour of elegant castles – in one you'll see the Slav Epic in the form of a giant puzzle in the Czech Book of Records!

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Following in Mucha’s Footsteps by Bike

Discover elegant chateaux and an undisturbed, almost forgotten corner of pure nature near Znjomo. This trip will be a balm for your soul.


Mikulov Chateau

Even from a great distance this majestic castle will tempt all to come and visit it. No wonder Napoleon himself spent the night here.


The Landscape around Krumlov: Full of Romance

Where do painters get inspiration for dreamy paintings of nature? The Krumlov–Rokytná trail invites you to be embraced by its picturesque arms.


Around Kounice and Ivančice – Wine, Asparagus and Whimsical Summer

Get on your bike and let the breeze carry you through the fragrant summer. Time passes more slowly here, the sun shines on the vineyards and the romantic valley of the Jihlava River tempts you to relax.