Lookout Towers and Viewpoints in South Moravia

Although we are a small country, the number of lookout towers and viewpoints is astonishing. It feels like there is one at every corner! Well, you may ask why – because there is a lot to see!

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Mysterious forests and mountains, picturesque vineyards, charming almond tree orchards…You can hardly plan a trip during which you would not pass by one of these lookout towers or viewpoints. Do you prefer a futuristic steel construction or rather wooden elegant styles which evoke old times? In South Moravia you can even find a lookout tower in the shape of a gigantic cask or a snail shell – that one is even barrier-free. So, which one will be the first to step on?
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The Walk above the Vineyards near Kobylí

Take a look around the vineyards from an unusual lookout tower without a single stair. You can get to the top of it even with a pram!


Holy Hill near Mikulov

Up to the top past the Stations of the Cross, then Mikulov in the palm of your hand. After that back down to treat yourself to something good to eat.


Kraví Hora near Bořetice

Did you know that there is a free wine republic in South Moravia? Visit the Free Federal Republic of Kraví Hora near Bořetice and the Kraví Hora (Cow Hill) lookout tower.


The Bukovany Mill Lookout Tower

You do not have to go to the Netherlands to see windmills. Make a trip to the surroundings of Kyjov in the Slovácko region and you will see the largest mill in the Czech Republic.


The Acacia Tower Lookout on Výhon

The Acacia Tower (Akátová Věž) lookout tower on the Výhon hill is a uniquely designed structure from 2009 combining concrete, metal and wood, the last of these of course being acacia wood.


Klucanina Lookout Tower near Tišnov

You don’t like steel lookout-tower structures with a crater below you, but you don’t mind heights? Then come to the Klucanina lookout tower, which is made of bricks!