Výpustek Cave

A factory inside a cave? See what kind of theatre can be put on inside a cave.

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Church of the Name of the Virgin Mary in Křtiny

A pearl of South Moravia, which emerges in front of you on the way from Brno to Křtiny and takes your breath away with its majestic beauty.


Arboretum in Křtiny

Trees are not boring. Get close to them on the nature trail in the Arboretum Křtiny and you will feel a zen-like calm.


Rudice Sinkhole

The Rudice Sinkhole is the dominant feature of the central part of the Moravian Karst Protected Landscape Area. Together with Býčí Skála (Bull Rock), it forms the second longest cave system in the Czech Republic with a total length of over thirteen kilometres!


The Windmill in Rudice

In Rudice, you’ll find a windmill of the Dutch type and a museum in one. They have a friendly, unusual approach to children here.


Singletrail Moravian Karst

Singletrails are obviously not just for singles! At the ones in the Moravian Karst are definitely not. Hop on the bike, it’s gonna be a wild ride.


Kateřinská Cave (Catherine Cave)

An impressive 8-meter-high entrance to the Kateřinská Cave opens in the right valley slope of Suchý Žleb near Skalní Mlýn (Rock Mill).


Moravian Karst House of Nature

Stalactites, stalagmites, stalagnates... do you have problems telling these cave-related terms apart? Visit the House of Nature and you will be a master of cave terminology.


Speleoferata® (Speleoart) Moravian Karst

An unusual experience for all rock-climbers who do not suffer from claustrophobia. Adrenaline which you cannot find anywhere else in the Czech Republic.


The Punkva Caves

The only system of caves in the Czech Republic where you can admire nature’s own sculptures both while you walk and while you take a cruise on an underground river.


Macocha Abyss

The largest abyss of this type in the Czech Republic and Central Europe. Legend has it that it has no bottom... Still, you can behold this impressive site.


The Moravian Karst Protected Landscape Area

The most famous karst area in the Czech Republic. Places full of magic and bats. An underground river and the most photogenic abyss in the Czech Republic.


Balcarka Cave

The spectacular entrance gate is just the beginning. Balcarka invites you to one of the richest cave dripstone displays in the Czech Republic.