Slavkov Castle – Austerlitz

A beautiful chateau, and a beautiful chateau park behind it. Not only during the Napoleonic era was it worth coming here.

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Slavkov u Brna – Austerlitz

Of course this is the place where the famous Battle of the Three Emperors took place. But Slavkov will also enchant you with its majestic castle with an extensive underground, and you can even play golf here.


The Cairn of Peace Memorial

Homage to all victims of the bloody conflict was paid here for the first time in Europe. Come and honour the lives lost in the battle...



The Battle of the Three Emperors is also commemorated at Santon near Slavkov – a hill west of Tvarožná, personally chosen by the strategist Napoleon for the placement of artillery.


State Chateau Bučovice

Genuine Italian refinement. The noble arches of the arcade courtyard trill like notes in an operetta, the fountain sings a romantic aria. Bella, bella!


Memorial at Žuráň

One of the landmarks of the battlefield of the famous Battle of the Three Emperors, where you can truly absorb the atmosphere of the events of the memorable year 1805.


Ždánický Les (Ždánice Forest), Natural Park

Deep deciduous forests where bandits rampaged a long time ago, full of rare plants and a home to many animals now. A place which entices you to go for a walk and find harmony.


Zoo Park Vyškov

The only Czech zoo of its kind, Zoo Park Vyškov mainly breeds domestic and farm animals from all over the world. But definitely not just those...


DinoPark Vyškov

What if you found yourself back in the prehistoric epoch for one day? You can try travelling in time in the DinoPark Vyškov, fun for both kids and adults.


Vyškov Chateau

Once a Gothic castle, later a chateau where Napoleon Bonaparte allegedly slept, and a museum today, where for example fancy folk pottery called faience is on display.


The Town of Vyškov

See life-size prehistoric creatures and an unusual domestic zoo, swim among nature or in an aquapark, discover glazed pottery and unique planes.


The Chateau and the Vrbas Museum in Ždánice

Collectors of all countries, attention please! You can see over six thousand exhibits in one place in this chateau.


Church of the Name of the Virgin Mary in Křtiny

A pearl of South Moravia, which emerges in front of you on the way from Brno to Křtiny and takes your breath away with its majestic beauty.