Combining the architecture and wine of South Moravia

Some places pair wine with cheese, preferably goat cheese. We in South Moravia combine wine with architecture, preferably unique! Choose your favourite from the quartet of South Moravian wine sub-regions, or discover them all with our tips.

Four wine sub-regions

We've curated a selection of places that combine traditional winemaking craft with modern architecture in a way that takes your breath away. Stop by during your trip and admire the buildings with a glass in hand. Or take a guided tour with an expert to see inside the remarkable buildings and experience how much architecture influences the wine tasting experience.

The Slovácko sub-region

Architectural treasures in a wine-growing village named after pears. Tasting in the winery in the form of three snow-white neo-Rustic barns or in the courtyard, which seems to have been cut out of Tuscany and transported to Moravia. In Slovácko, they can do tradition and modernity in one!

The Mikulov sub-region

Modern wineries inspired by ancient Greece and Rome or modern wineries inspired by the very traditional Moravian countryside. A winemaking temple cut out of a movie future or, on the contrary, overlooking a medieval ruin? The Mikulov region is full of contrasts that combine fantastic wine and architecture.

The Znojmo sub-region

The largest tasting room with the by-the-glass system in the Czech Republic. A walk on the wine roof in the organic shape of a concrete wave... or a tasting in the cellar, where it oozes design and humour. In short, Znojmo is wine and architecture heaven!

The Velké Pavlovice sub-region

In this region, the vines also ripen among the almond and apricot trees. And that's not the only surprising scenery that surrounds you. There's a futuristic winery straight out of a sci-fi movie and a small winery nestled like an oasis of calm in the middle of an apricot orchard. And we'll invite you to wine in a baroque granary...

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