TOP of South Moravia

Wondering what to explore in South Moravia in the first place? This will advise you the most attractive places, which you should definitely not miss during the trip.

discover TOP places

Beauties of Nature

For those who love nature, the region South Moravia offers a lot of beautiful places. Come with us to explore the most beautiful ones!


Museums and Exhibitions

No matter the weather, our top offer of museums and exhibitions will not disappoint you. Modern castles and gems of ancient times can be seen in castles and galleries.


Castles and Chateaux

Accept our invitation to the premises in which you will get impressed by the beauty of life people lived hundreds of years ago.


Monasteries and Monuments

Explore with us significant places of the spiritual life of South Moravia and learn more about key moments in the history of this area.


Pastime and Experience

Would you like to experience something unusual and forget the everyday worries? There is nothing easier than going to the TOP trip places that are characterized by fun and unusual experiences in the first place. Choice is yours...