The Maior Synagogue Boskovice

The place is a celebration of peace and beauty, of the humility of believing artists and Jewish traditions. Stop by, contemplate.

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Mikveh – the Jewish Ritual Bath in Boskovice

What exactly is a “mikveh”, how is it performed and who can enter it? You can find out in one of the oldest houses in the Jewish quarter in Boskovice.


The Jewish Quarter in Boskovice

Discover the magic corners of the Jewish Town in Boskovice, which features old tombstones, a synagogue, a mikveh, and more.


The Town of Boskovice

One town, one castle, one chateau and a number of Jewish historical sites, a Wild West town, an aquapark and beautiful Šmelcovna. Where and what is it?


Boskovice Chateau

An elegant, exotic chateau in the Empire style. Really! First it was a monastery, then a factory and a chateau after that.


Boskovice Castle

The ruins of a castle does not necessarily mean that the place is in ruins! This is definitely true of the castle ruins in Boskovice.


Jewish Cemetery in Boskovice

Step into a realm of tranquillity and profound history as you explore the Boskovice Jewish Cemetery, an integral part of the Jewish Quarter's rich heritage.


Boskovice Wild West Town

Do you sometimes watch westerns? Do your kids like playing Indians? The atmosphere of this Wild West town will captivate even people who are not fond of the Wild West.


State Chateau Rájec nad Svitavou

Rococo and Classicism in full parade and a collection of camellias on top of that, this is the Rájec nad Svitavou chateau.


Letovice Chateau

Would you like to own a chateau? Would you be able to renovate it? In this case, the private owner did a very good job.


Sloupsko-Šošůvské Caves

Where can you experience a parade of karst hits in one place? Right here! The longest cave system in the Czech Republic offers a choice of three routes. Which one will you choose?


Velké Opatovice Chateau

The Baroque style is pleasing to the eye and the Baroque chateau in Velké Opatovice is clear proof of this.


Moravian Cartographic Centre in Velké Opatovice

Hey, Siri, how can I get to Velké Opatovice? By tapping your mobile phone two times, you can load the route, the destination and the map, which you can zoom out to the stratosphere and even further.