Trips on four wheels

What beats flying for travel? Hitting the road with a camper! No need to fret over booked hotels or guesthouses; everything's right there for you. It's like carrying the comforts of home in your pocket, but with a new adventure waiting outside your door every day.

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We've discovered the magic of travelling in camper vans. What's great about South Moravia is that finding places to stay overnight isn't as tricky as it can be abroad. We've scouted out those extra special spots just for you. We've tested everything ourselves, experiencing it first-hand with three influencers. We've not only found fantastic spots to park the camper for the night but also where to dine well, buy local ingredients, and what experiences not to miss along the way. In short, they're both travel and culinary road trips.

Don't have your own camper van? We sent influencers out in Karavny Česko and it was an excellent decision. We've crafted a unique 4-day itinerary and experiences for each of them. You can follow the route of some of the influencers or pick and choose what appeals to you the most. And there's plenty to choose from.

Itinerary #1 – Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape

This road trip takes you through the natural beauty and history of South Moravia, because both are truly exceptional. The Czech duo Travel at Earth has verified for you that exploring the renowned "Liechtenstein site" and the Pálava region with a camper van is awesome.

Itinerary #2 – Slovácko (Moravian Slovakia)

Slovak influencer Adriana Žiačková put it to the test in practice and found that travelling in a camper van for traditions, folklore, and Moravian Slovakian is a lively adventure, even with children. While they can't taste wine and beer along the way, attractions like the „Baťák“ etc. reliably entertain them.

Itinerary #3 - Moravian Karst and Znojmo Region

Eliška Hudcová was most looking forward to the ongoing wine tasting. And because she's an adventurer, we mixed up her itinerary, alternating between static (but stunning) architectural marvels and adrenaline-packed experiences like spelunking. Fabulous food was not to be missed.

Overview of campsites and stellplatz locations in South Moravia.

Are you still hesitating?

We suspected that camper van road trips would be something, but we didn't realize just how much... Do you want to see the details, photos, videos? The entire journey was documented on Instagram @southmoravia, where you can find it saved in the highlights.

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