To Slovácko sub-region for the best wine and architecture

Slovácko is a region of still living folk traditions and the locals cherish them. Are you expecting one painted cellar with colourful ornaments next to another? Of course, they are here. But now we will talk about wineries in the modern concept, from the austere Nordic simplicity to a mill that is (no longer) a mill at all.

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Grapes instead of pears

First, we will send you to the wine-growing village with the charming name Hrušky (translates as Pears). Here you will find a place with a fresh esprit for wine tasting. Villa Hrušky vibrates with positive energy and the tranquillity of the enclosed grounds is perfectly suited to the intimate mood of a boutique guesthouse. If there's one spot that's perfect for savouring local wine tasting, it's right here. Enjoy wines carefully selected by the sommelier from the Podluží region. Feel free to pack your bikes and hit the local cycle path - they have beautiful accommodation in Villa. In the evening, play a game of petanque on the floodlit playground.

Moreover, the building boasts a captivating history. The miller's family had a vision of constructing a family house within close proximity to the mill. However, before its completion, the mill was seized after the events of February 1948, leaving the house unfinished. It was only recently that their grandson took charge and finally completed the project! The communal part of the house comprises the planned stables, while the original farm building exudes a colonnade-like charm with its steel columns and timeless wooden elements. The collaboration between skilled craftsmen and architects Pelčák and Vořechovská has resulted in a harmonious masterpiece, where the well-designed garden beckons you to enjoy various activities. The thoughtful interplay of architecture and nature is truly a sight to behold.

Love industrial style? Hop over to the Mill

Just a short 70 metres away, you'll find the enchanting Mlýn Hrušky (Hrušky Mill), a must-see for its breathtaking interior done in a pure industrial style. Concrete, bricks, metal elements, and wood blend together beautifully, creating a mesmerising ambiance. And rest assured, hunger and thirst won't be an issue here. Although the mill's original purpose was replaced by a feed factory during the communist era, it has now been repurposed to house a delightful array of establishments: a bistro, wine bar, café, and breakfast room.

The masterful design work, once again led by Pelčák and partner architects, showcases a meticulously restored distinctive brick facade, complemented by a new roof. Outside, you have the choice of enjoying your time in the garden, where seating is available on both sides of the Mill. Opt to watch the cheerful bustle of Hrušky's main street or immerse yourself in the zen-like tranquillity of the garden on the opposite side.

The bistro that outshines any restaurant

In Čejkovice, wine enthusiasts find themselves spoiled for choice, but for those with an appreciation for timeless design and minimalist aesthetics, the Škrobák family winery is an absolute must-visit. Its elegant dark facade artfully contrasts with the lush green surroundings. The Škrobák family opted for a distinctly modern look for the winery and the combination of wine and gastronomy. The basement is where the wine production takes place, the ground floor is dedicated to wine tasting and gastronomy, and upstairs you can spend the night in the boutique hotel. The wine bistro pairs fine wine with carefully prepared food made with local ingredients. The backdrop of a stylishly clean environment promotes the ultimate dining experience.
To bring this contemporary vision to life, the renowned ID_arch studio, led by Architect Ivana Dombková, lent its modern touch and expert craftsmanship. Their genius lies in playing with the interplay of tradition and modernity, where wood, a fundamental element, harmoniously blends with luxurious blacks and cutting-edge materials and technologies.

The result is a fresh perspective on the traditional art of winemaking, in line with the family's innovative vision. A visit to the Škrobák winery promises an unforgettable journey through both the time-honoured craft of wine and the boundless possibilities of modern design.

About three barns and colourful luxfer panels

In the neighbouring Starý Poddvorov, go to the Krásná hora winery. This time, on the contrary, you will find a snow-white neo-rustic building. Actually, three of them. To make the new architecture fit organically into the surroundings, architect Tomáš Havlíček from the Létající inženýři studio conceived it as a trio of barns with a gable roof. He set them so sensitively into the original development that he won several architectural awards for them - for example, the 3rd prize for the best new building in a historic environment from the Za starou Prahu Club. Rumour has it that, at first, more architects than wine connoisseurs flocked to the winery to marvel at its splendid design.

Tomáš Havlíček added a touch of late socialist Moravian village charm by incorporating luxfer spheres into the architecture - a bold move that initially raised eyebrows among the client. However, when they witnessed the brilliant rendering, they were convinced. Specially crafted holes in the facade act as portals, allowing the sun to illuminate the interior like enchanting stage spotlights. 

For a truly indulgent wine experience, head to the second floor, where the main seating area awaits. Through a grand glass wall and a terrace, you'll be treated to lavish views of the surrounding vineyards. Krásná hora takes wine to soaring heights, offering an impressive selection of local varieties like Pinot Gris or Noir, Gewurztraminer, and Merlot. It's a must-visit for any wine enthusiast.
To ensure your perfect visit to Krásná hora, it's best to arrange your trip in advance with the welcoming owners.

Tuscan oasis for Moravian day-trippers

On our wine-architectural journey, we come across Archlebov. While it may seem like a detour, we highly recommend making it your perfect ending point or even a separate trip. Dreaming of a holiday in Tuscany that hasn't materialised yet? Look no further than the SPIELBERG winery! There's nothing quite like it in all of Moravia. It's almost unbelievable that this place used to be a cultural house with typical socialist architecture back in the 70s. Now, it's transformed into a winery that embodies the true Tuscan spirit, complete with charming arcades, wooden shutters, and terracotta pots…you almost expect hearing Italian from the staff. After all, the Moravian Tuscany region begins just a few kilometres away.

The mastermind behind the current breathtaking complex is the architect Ondřej Bořil. With an exquisite Tuscan touch, the surrounding buildings and gardens harmoniously blend into the enchanting landscape. The heart of the winery is the Crystal Hall with its refined crystal chandeliers that dominate the space. For a delightful wine tasting experience, you have multiple options during your visit. On a pleasant day, unwind in one of the comfortable loungers on the stone terrace or opt for the modern Degustarium, depending on the weather. There, you can immerse yourself in the legends associated with the local vineyards through a beautifully hand-drawn illuminated map. Head to the traditional cellar for a longer tasting and the local speciality, Sautéed Fallow Deer in Red Wine.

Where to eat along the way

In addition to the wineries themselves, you can refresh yourself along the way in the beautiful interiors and exteriors of the Sonnentor café in Čejkovice or in the Yalla cocktail bar in Kyjov. If you're up for extending your adventure from Archlebov to limitless possibilities, don't miss the opportunity to relish a fantastic meal at Bukovanský mlýn, Kyjov brewery, Pražírna (Roastery) Kyjov, or Prostě burger

What else to see along the way

The Sonnentor herb paradise in Čejkovice now offers a brand new tour circuit. From there, take a leisurely stroll to discover the charming T.G.M. House, where the family of Czechoslovak president Masaryk once lived. Are you into lookout towers? The Súsedská lookout tower in the Kyjov region near Hýsly is an architectural one-hit wonder! At the Bukovanský mlýn, treat yourself not only to delectable Moravian-style cuisine but also enjoy entertainment for both yourself and the little ones. And when you venture to the SPIELBERG winery in Archlebov, you'll be within easy reach (perhaps even walking distance) of Ždánice, a small town with a big heart. At the local chateau, prepare to be fascinated, as it offers a captivating Vrbas Museum, far from any dull tour. And on the outskirts of Ždánice, go to the observatory for a day of sungazing. 

Tips for trips

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