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No matter the weather, our top offer of museums and exhibitions will not disappoint you. Modern castles and gems of ancient times can be seen in castles and galleries. For the little ones there is a children's museum, for playful creative workshops, something for everyone…

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Archeopark Pavlov

Do you find events of long ago boring? A visit to Pavlov will turn you into a real fan of prehistory! Your kids will remember this spectacular exhibition for a long time to come.


Mikulov Chateau

Even from a great distance this majestic castle will tempt all to come and visit it. No wonder Napoleon himself spent the night here.


The Museum of the Village in South-East Moravia

Divided into areas representing the regions of Moravian Slovakia (known as Slovácko in Czech), the Strážnice Open-Air Museum will pleasantly take you through history, entertain children, and show you live folklore.


A Slavic Fortified Settlement in Mikulčice

Where else can you find out about the forebears of the Slavs within the famous historical region of Great Moravia than in one of its largest settlements?