On a triparound South Moravia

Enjoy Moravian warmth and great food. Visit both UNESCO monuments and sites which are not so well-known and not so packed with people. Well-arranged rows of vineyards, wild nature. There’s something for everyone. On foot, by bike, by car... in July as well as in January.

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Into Hobbiton and Above the Vineyards

Lanes like something out of a fairy tale and a unique spiral lookout tower. These are the highlights of this trip which awaits you in the southernmost tip of Moravia, in the area of the Modré Hory (Blue Mountains).


The “Moravian Adriatic”

The Croats share the Adriatic Sea with the Italians but the Czechs have the Moravian Adriatic solely to themselves. Visit the Vranov Reservoir and you will understand why it has earned this nickname. Plus you will find the lovely surroundings of the Podyjí National Park.


Following in the Footsteps of Folk Art in Slovácko and Further Still

Taste experiences from a culinary heaven. Beautiful nature. A museum with folk costumes which will dazzle your eyes. The folk art of the Slovácko region is definitely not boring!


To the Most Beautiful Cave in the Moravian Karst

Planning a trip to Macocha? Well, sure, it is the most famous Czech cave, but you should know that the Balcarka Cave in Ostrov u Macochy is the most beautiful cave in the whole Moravian Karst. The maze under the Balcar Rock stands out for its extremely rich and colourful dripstone decoration.


With a Kickbike to Znojmo

The picturesque surroundings of the Dyje River and Louka Monastery, smooth terrain, fun for both children and adults. Enjoy a laid-back afternoon in Znojmo!


A Bike Trip for More than Just a Glass of Wine

The tranquillity and the beautiful nature of the Ždánický Les (Ždánice Forest), the Renaissance chateau in Bučovice, a wonderful view of the Slovácko region and regional delicacies. These are some of the attractions of our bike trip, where you will definitely meet no crowds!