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The Moravians’ love of food is famous. Such great bartenders, wine connoisseurs and creative chefs are hard to find. Taste culinary heaven.

to great gastronomy

What is the most popular conversation topic all over the world? Food! Food is a big deal in South Moravia as well. 


The local cuisine means a whole universe of tastes. And Brno is the capital of this universe. But watch out: you will find fine restaurants, fantastic cafés and contemporary bistros in smaller municipalities as well. The range of great dining options is mapped out in our map of the local gastronomy.

Moravian wineries

And what forms the basis of the local produce? Correct, it is winemaking. Wines from South Moravia are a national treasure and win silver and gold awards all over the world. See for yourself how this is true during a walk or cycling along the Moravian wine cycling routes. Or do you prefer beer? Then South Moravia is the right place too! Beer culture has been flourishing and microbreweries offer beers of exceptional quality. Visit artisanal beer houses during your walks along the beer trails.

South Moravian farmers

South Moravian is well know for its love for traditions and everything local. The local cuisine is no exception. The use of as much local produce as possible has been a long-time trend. Besides artichoke and avocado, local farmers can work even more magic: you will find, among other things, a farm with Cashmere goats in the Moravian Karst or lavender field near Palava Hills.

Where to next?

Not only the places at the end of the village, where foxes give a good night. Come and taste!

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Wine cellars at Vrbice Hill

An ordinary hill, you might think. But this one hides within it seven floors of wine cellars just like in a fairy tale. Welcome to the Velké Pavlovice wine region.


The Šobes Vineyard

One of the best and oldest European vineyards is situated in the heart of the Podyjí National Park, along the bends of the Dyje River.


Painted Cellar in Šatov

Visiting a wine cellar is always a pleasant experience. And when the cellar looks like a painting… actually not looking like one, it is really painted!


Plže Wine Cellars

Probably only houses on the Greek island of Santorini are as lovely and white and blue as the Plže wine cellars.


The Bukovany Mill Lookout Tower

You do not have to go to the Netherlands to see windmills. Make a trip to the surroundings of Kyjov in the Slovácko region and you will see the largest mill in the Czech Republic.


Herbal Paradise in Čejkovice

This is a place where joy is grown. A place with a wonderful atmosphere where you can enjoy the scent of herbs and also well-being non plus ultra.